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For Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast Developers

Amongst the myriad of demands from Local Authorities, property developers must show their financier that the project is financially viable.

This is where the Quantity Surveying team at The Builders Office can play a major role for developers.

A Quantity Surveyor at The Builders Office can provide budgeting advice on a concept starting at developmental approval stage and continuing through to final pre construction stage.

Ensuring a good return on investment is of course paramount, and achieving this goal may require the progressive ‘fine tuning’ of the design, based on the input from our Quantity Surveying team.

Not only do our Quantity Surveying services cover Brisbane, our Quantity Surveyors are available to both Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Whether it’s building a house, developing a block of townhouses or a commercial building; we can help you.

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